The Mysterious Crystals Within the Pineal Gland

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I hope this message finds you well and eager for new knowledge about the pineal gland.

Research done in 2002 has revealed something very interesting…

The existence of tiny crystals inside the mysterious gland.

These tiny crystals, less than 20 microns in length, are unlike anything we’ve seen before.

My friends, I urge you to open your hearts and minds before you read this newsletter.

These pineal crystals are not only a scientific marvel

But they may hold the key to awakening the dormant potential within you.

The Quest for Understanding

A couple of decades ago…

A group of passionate researchers were motivated to uncover the hidden secrets of the human brain.

Their quest led them to the pineal gland, a tiny but important part of our brain that holds many secrets.

Using a unique procedure, they were able to isolate some crystals from the organic matter in the pineal gland…

And what they discovered is sure to pique your interest.

These tiny crystals had an amazing variety of morphologies

Cubic, hexagonal, and cylindrical shapes that defied these scientists’ expectations.

These crystals were as varied and unique as the human experience itself.

Imagine these beautiful formations, each with its own story to tell, just waiting to be revealed…

The Beauty in Imperfection

If you were to examine these crystals up close, you’d be mesmerized by the juxtaposition of sharp edges and rough surfaces.

Just like us, they are not flawless, but their imperfections make them all the more captivating.

These minute yet magnificent wonders contain only three elements:

Calcium, carbon, and oxygen. Simple, yet profound.

Calcite Crystals in Your Brain

It may seem surreal, but these crystals are actually calcite.

One of the most common minerals on Earth.

But here’s where things get interesting

Except for the otoconia structure of the inner ear, calcite is virtually nonexistent in the human body.

What could this mean?

How do calcite microcrystals find their place in the pineal gland?

It’s not just about their presence; it’s about what they signify.

The complex textures of these microcrystals hint at something incredible:

The possibility of crystallographic symmetry breaking and even piezoelectricity, just like the otoconia in your inner ear.

Let me put this in simple words

Think of these calcite microcrystals in your pineal gland as tiny, unique puzzle pieces.

Sometimes the arrangement of these pieces becomes slightly uneven

Just like when you put together a jigsaw puzzle and the picture doesn’t fit perfectly on both sides.

This slight imbalance in the crystal structure can lead to something called “crystallographic symmetry breaking”.

It’s like nature’s way of creating a little spark.

Now think of piezoelectricity as a magical property that these crystals possess.

When you apply pressure to certain materials, they can create a tiny electrical charge.

The same electrical charge is released by yogis when they experience a deep meditative state.

These crystals have a similar ability, much like the crystals in your inner ear (otoconia) help you keep your balance.

In simpler terms, these crystals in your pineal gland may have a unique structure that can create a kind of spark or energy when things aren’t perfectly balanced…

And they even respond to subtle energies around you…

In other words: other perceptions of reality.

It’s as if they have a secret connection to the forces of the universe

Adding a touch of magic to the biology of your brain.

The pineal gland, known as the “seat of the soul,” is indeed a place of wonder and wisdom.

A Journey Beyond the Physical

As we journey deeper into this revelation, we cannot help but ask:

What does this mean for us?

We’re getting really close to figuring out how these tiny calcite crystals

Might be connected to a mysterious effect called “second harmonic generation” in the pineal gland.

It’s like finding the key to understanding how your pineal gland communicates with the unseen forces around you…

Much like tuning into a radio station.

This could be a breakthrough in understanding how your brain connects to the energy fields of the world.

So we’re on the verge of discovering the brain’s own superpowers!

Embrace the Enchantment

Everything we continue to discover about the pineal gland makes me want to dig even deeper.

This is what I conclude after researching the calcite microcrystals in the pineal gland…

Think of them as tiny seeds buried in the core of your brain.

When nurtured and awakened, these crystals can help us access hidden abilities we never knew we had.

It’s like discovering a treasure chest of abilities that can enhance our intuition, creativity, and connection to higher realms.

By understanding and harnessing the power of these microcrystals, we could unlock our full human potential…

And reach new heights of personal growth and spiritual evolution.

I truly believe they hold the secret to unlocking the doors to our limitless abilities.

How do you feel about all this?

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It is a privilege to be your guide on this awe-inspiring journey…

Just as it has been my mission to share the truth about fluoride and help you awaken the power of your pineal gland.

In the same spirit of sharing, keep an eye out for future newsletters as I will continue to share more interesting news about this mysterious gland.

And remember, as we explore the mysteries of our inner universe

We are getting closer to the most magical, fulfilling and powerful version of ourselves.

In pursuit of awakening your true potential,

Eric Thompson

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